There are two things Ira can't tolerate: change and boredom. He fills his time by taking particular pleasure his assignments, preferring a long brewing anger over instantaneous rage. In the time between receiving a job and completing a job, Ira is known to occupy himself with women, women, and more women. He's not particularly close to any of his siblings, Invi being the exception, but he loves them all in his own over-protective-from-a-distance way. Furthermore, he absolutely hates the idea of anyone getting close enough to one of his sisters to potentially break their heart, so when Ava gets dumped by an angel, Ira's temper begins rising to dangerous proportions. 

For himself, Ira's not interested in love, and anyone who tries to change his mind has a hell of a battle on their hands. He'll enjoy the tumble, but don't expect him to extend an olive branch when the dust settles. Ira is known for his blood-red hair, surprising wit, caustic insults, acting first and thinking later on, if ever.

Appearances: Lost Wages of Sin, Sex, Sin & Scandal, Flip Side of Sin*, Sins of the Flesh, Sins of Omission, Cardinal Sins

*denotes the book in which Ira is the lead character