After two millennia of avoiding conflict, he’s gone and fallen in love with the antichrist.

Daughter of a prominent politician, Lily has spent her life trying to keep stories of her unusual abilities from leaking to the press. With her mother running for president, though, Lily finds herself under more intense scrutiny than ever before. And restraining her powers becomes more difficult with every nasty headline.

Ace, the Sin of Sloth, has kept a close watch on Lily ever since he left her on her adopted mother’s doorstep. Now, posing as her secret service protection, he knows there are truths about his feelings that he can no longer ignore. No matter that he knows who her real mother is, and what that makes her.

When Lily loses control of her abilities, she makes herself the target of those who believe she is the key to ending the world. Her only hope is Ace, whose determination to keep her safe, even from himself, takes them on the run from all of Heaven and Hell. But as she and Ace grow closer and the stakes grow higher, Lily must grapple with the fact that she might just be the antichrist after all, capable of ending the world…whether she wants to or not.