Rosalie Stanton is an award-winning author of steamy paranormal and contemporary romance. A lifelong enthusiast of larger than life characters, Rosalie enjoys building worlds filled with strong heroes and heroines of all backgrounds.

Rosalie lives in Missouri with her husband and their dog, Luna. At an early age, she discovered a talent for creating worlds, which evolved into a love of words and storytelling. As the granddaughter of an evangelical minister, Rosalie applied herself equally in school in the creative writing and religious studies departments, which had an interesting impact on her writing. By day, Rosalie writes commercials and website content for a local marketing firm; by night, she is a freelance fiction editor. Somehow, she manages to fit in writing-time over lunch—a strategy that has actually worked (so far). When her attention is not engaged in writing or editing, Rosalie enjoys spending time with close friends and family.