She’s been a bad, bad girl. And he’ll fight all of Hell to save her.

Ava, the Sin of Greed, swore over a millennium ago she’d never cry over a man. But after her first-ever boyfriend dumps her, she’s not only crying, she’s a dead woman walking.

The devil doesn’t take kindly to one of his Seven Deadly Sins canoodling with an angel.

Dante knows every inch of Ava’s delectable skin…in the dreams that burn his body while sleeping the daylight sleep of a vampire. Once they were almost lovers, and that almost still haunts him to this day. As much as her defection with a Heaven-bound hurts, he can’t ignore the siren call of the inner GPS that always draws him to her side.

Though she tries to push him away, he’s not getting her face this fight alone. But as need and desire twist together into a fuse primed for the barest spark, Dante realizes he’ll have to make a heartbreaking deal to save the only woman he’ll ever love.