Ava's duties are fairly standard. She goes where she's told, she infects who she's supposed to infect, lather, rinse, repeat. The most mild-mannered of her siblings, Ava has spent most of her existence with few friends aside from her sister, Luxi, and the vampire Dante. Ava is somewhat of an anomaly among her brothers and sisters. Unlike the others, she has abstained from sexual relationships. Her decision comes more from habit and resolve to be with someone special than any personal hangup. Thus when she throws caution to the wind, falls in love with an angel, then has her heart broken, she doesn't take it well. To make matters worse, Lucifer believes she spilled Hell's secrets to her not-so angelic ex, which puts her life on the line.

Ava flees to Natchez, Mississippi to slip under the radar until the storm blows over. There she is met by Dante, her walking innuendo of a friend, and prepares to do battle against those people she loves the most. And though she knows better now from personal experience, Dante's outstanding loyalty, not to mention their somewhat sordid history, makes the prospect of falling in love again seem easier than it should.

Appearances: Lost Wages of Sin*, Sex, Sin & ScandalSins of the Flesh, Sins of Omission, Cardinal Sins

*denotes the book in which Ava is the lead character