Luxi lives by one rule, but she breaks it so often she can't remember what it is. Yet despite the heartache, deception, pain and misery that comes with inflicting lust wherever she goes, there is nothing about her job she doesn't adore. As far as she's concerned, love is a fable invented by weaker persons trying to explain humankind's odd need to couple off. She has no need of it, never has, and having been the catalyst of far too many breakups, she doesn't see her attitude changing anytime soon. Things are fine in Luxi's world...that is, until her sister and closest friend, Ava, falls for an angel and throws life as she and everyone else knows it into the shitter. Funny how one little wayward romance can put so many things in perspective. For the first time in her life, Luxi finds herself rooting for a happy ending, though when the dust settles and she's left standing alone, a part of her she didn't know existed begins reevaluating her much relied-upon philosophies.

Luxi might not be looking for love, but love doesn't play by her one rule. And it wouldn't matter if it did.

Appearances: Lost Wages of Sin, Sex, Sin & Scandal*, Flip Side of Sin, Sins of the Flesh, Deliverance from Sin, Sins of Omission, Cardinal Sins

*denotes the book in which Luxi is the lead character