In my world: Lucifer and Jehovah have the most epic of bromances.

Sinners and SaintsWhile my contemporary romances are by far more popular, my true passion lies with paranormal. And anyone who's followed me at all knows that my Sinners and Saints series is my baby. It's a world I truly didn't set out to create, but one that constantly drags me back. I love playing in it so much. So how did it come about?

They say you're supposed to write what you know. Well, thanks to being raised in the bible belt, being torn between equally fundamentalist families, having a grandfather who just can't stop preaching, and my minor in religious studies... I know my way around a theological discussion. I'm also quite profane (my nickname in high school included the word Vile), which leads us to that other thing you're supposed to write -- what you want to read. I wanted to find an angels/demons series that spoke to me as a former Christian -- someone who enjoys, but doesn't necessarily believe, the mythology. Thus began the Sinners and Saints series, where Lucifer and Jehovah are estranged BFFs and the world is essentially one big passion project.

I know I've at least intrigued one person, and possibly pissed others off.

Well, if you're brave, you have a week to explore the demons in my mind without fronting a lot of cash. The first in series, Lost Wages of Sin, is available now at Amazon and Totally Bound for just $0.99 to celebrate the release of the 4th book, Sins of Yesterday. If you stick with me, I promise I'll give Lucifer a happy ending.

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