Forbidden Fruit - Now Available for Preorder

ForbiddenFruit_500x750Forbidden Fruit

After high school, Ashlee had enough of being shy and reserved. Now she runs a popular blog, where sex and sex myths are fair game, and every topic is thoroughly researched. Her hook? She’s a virgin, and all of her readers know it. Ashlee’s life is an open book, absent of shame…except for her ridiculous crush on Jason, her high school tormentor, who also happens to be her stepbrother. That’s one thing Ashlee will take to her grave.

For Jason, being near Ashlee is pure torture. Bullying might have kept her at a distance in high school, but Ashlee is a woman now—something his over-sexed imagination won’t let him forget. Learning what she writes doesn’t help. But when she catches Jason having alone-time with pornography, the interest in her eyes defies everything he thought he knew. After all, Jason’s fixation is only a problem if it isn’t reciprocated.

To get his answer, Jason decides to support Ashlee’s dedication to sex research, and what better way than watching an adult film? Should his virgin stepsister have questions, Jason will have answers. And perhaps a demonstration.


I know I’ve mentioned this before, but Forbidden Fruit is, without a doubt, my most asked-about story. Originally released from Noble Romance Publishing in 2011, it was an incredibly short, really raunchy taboo tale about love between stepsiblings. Or, rather, sex between stepsiblings.

The original story was around 7k in word count. The new one is just shy of 20k. The original 7k story was priced at $2.99 by the publisher. The new, approximately 20k story will remain priced at $0.99 by yours truly.

Prior to revamping and re-releasing Firsts, Forbidden Fruit was my best seller. When I received the rights back in the fall of 2013 upon Noble Romance’s closing, I debated putting it back up untouched (for about half a second), and ultimately decided that—even as successful as it was—I wasn’t happy enough with it to stand by. Much like my revamped heroine, I like my sex with a healthy dose of romance, or at least an emotional connection between the characters. While I believe Forbidden Fruit, in its original incarnation, served its purpose—which was to titillate—it fell flat for me as its author in what I personally crave when I pick up a new book. The emotional connection between two characters I am personally invested in.

So I kept the basic premise -- stepsister spies stepbrother during a private moment. Things escalate. But everything else is different, and in my view, a marked improvement.

Two weeks from today, you can tell me whether or not you agree.