Firsts - Available in Audio Book

FirstsAudio 2400x2400I am ecstatic to announce that Firsts is now available for purchase at Audible, Amazon, and (soon) iTunes. This entire experience was pretty damn amazing, though I won’t go into it again since I discussed it at length here. I’ll just pause to add the following: I couldn’t be happier with the end result. Trusting my work to someone else on this level is one of the most nerve-wracking things I’ve done, but the result is as close to perfect as I could have hoped. For anyone considering turning a book into an audio production, I heartily recommend Jem Matzan, who masterfully performed Firsts. One of my crit partners, Terri Meeker, was an early reviewer, had this to say:

“This guy did such a great job with 'Firsts'! I totally want to steal him and have him read things to me. Grocery lists, religious pamphlets - it doesn't matter. His voice is terrific (and his British accent slays me!).”

If you know her, you know that’s high praise.

Jem wrote about his take on the characters and their voices in the audio book over at his website.

In addition, I am very happy to announce that I have likewise selected release dates for Forbidden Fruit and Blackout. Forbidden Fruit will re-debut on July 14; Blackout on August 18. I’ll be back to share covers and updated blurbs (though they’re already available on my website in case anyone just can’t wait).