Insatiable Need - Coming Sept 12 from Ellora's Cave

I was checking the Ellora's Cave coming soon page and saw that my own Insatiable Need is now officially listed, sans the cover (which I'll share as soon as I get it, promise!)

Ever since Raegan Pritchett discovered Private Investigator Zeth McDowell’s penchant to occasionally go a little furry, she has been vocal in her fervent dislike of him and other werewolves. Still, that doesn’t stop her from shuffling into his office every time she needs a source for her stories.

Raegan has had a vendetta against werewolves ever since her college best friend was found in several pieces at the hand of her werewolf boyfriend. However, when a psychic claims a local priest plans to summon a dangerous demon—a demon that will strip the town’s inhibitions and have citizens surrender to their innermost forbidden fantasies—Raegan has nowhere to turn but Zeth McDowell, the annoyingly sexy private investigator she loves to hate.

Neither Raegan nor Zeth know how to stop a demon, but they still aim to try. Yet when the demon’s spell triggers, it turns out Zeth and Raegan’s innermost fantasies involve each other.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously published elsewhere under the title Possession, but has been extensively rewritten and retitled for Ellora’s Cave.

I've also started a new paranormal romance that I hope to have complete within a couple months. I think -- I think -- I might be able to meet my own "works completed" goal for the year.

I'm also heading to Natchez, Mississippi in a month in a half. That place has the strange, awesome power to rejuvenate my muse like nothing else. When the opportunity came to go, my husband (knowing this about me and my muse) practically started packing my bags for me. Even though this means I'll miss his thirtieth birthday. He's very good to me.