Character Piece on Know Thine Enemy's Izzie Bennett (And a giveaway)

Howdy gang. It's been a long couple weeks, complete with some (SOME) writing, but mostly preparations for upcoming releases. I've been so busy, in fact, I completely forgot about my guest post at Paranormal Cravings. I was asked to provide a character piece on Izzie Bennett, the heroine from Know Thine Enemy. I discuss her, the book, and am offering another Amazon Gift Card. So drop by for a chance to win.

I am also considering going to the RT Convention this year, at the evil prompting of my good friend, Kacey Hammell. I've never been, but I did get my convention cherry popped last year at Lori Foster. The only thing is, I won't be able to do both. RT is closer and more convenient location wise, but it's also a LOT more expensive. Anyone want to give me a reason that my attendance is mandatory? Like there will be a live Wookiee, the Beatles will reunite, or Nathan Fillion will swing by with his infamous bean dip? I wouldn't want to miss that, and couldn't totally justify taking out another credit card. Just sayin'.

Let me know. And drop by Paranormal Cravings, please, if only for the chance at winning $10.