Sinfully Scandalous Release Date & More

Mark your calendars for January 16, as that's when Sinfully Scandalous will be released!

Thou shalt not commit adultery.

It’s an order that Luxi, Sin of Lust, never saw coming. When you work for Lucifer, though, you tend to lay off the questions. She isn’t comforted when she discovers her assignment is to intern for a preacher-turned-politician, especially when her directive goes no further. As Luxi prepares for a long ride to nowhere, she can’t help but wonder if something else is at play…or what the King of Hell has up his sleeve.

Grayson Bailey’s run for state senate is going nowhere fast. The poll numbers are depressing, his campaign advisor is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and someone out there has a bullet with his name on it. Yet when temptation herself struts through the door with a sassy smirk and an attitude to match, Grayson finds it very hard to remember which obligations are at the top.

The closer Grayson gets to Luxi, the stranger his life becomes. With Election Day—and a psycho with a gun—just around the corner, he can’t afford any detours. And while Luxi never puts her heart on the line, there’s something about this man that tests her resolve…though it might end up costing her more than she can afford.

If you can't wait until Jan 16, there is a free read from this universe in the Just One Bite Volume 5. A memoir as written by Lucifer, reflecting on his first encounter with his now ex-wife, Lilith.

In the interim, I've been editing up a storm, though I recently did take a break in discovering a new guilty pleasure...that is, Star Wars Old Republic. Did I mention that I'm a nerd?

Still waiting for word on my erotic contemporary romance, though I'm in it for the long haul. I do think it's best to try and forget the fact I sent it anywhere at all when waiting on a response, otherwise I'll drive myself -- and my crit partners -- crazy. I managed to prep my NaNo project for submission (tentatively titled "A Friend in Need"). And for the moment, I am structuring my 2012 writing goals. I want to have Book 3 of the Sinners and Saints series complete by, oh say, August of 2012. I'm also working on revamping Possession -- which I hope to have done by the end of January.

I'm also exceptionally pleased that Know Thine Enemy has received glowing reviews. Honestly, I didn't expect the book to get much attention -- not because I have such little faith in it (it's actually the work of which I am, at the present, the proudest), but because it is vastly different in tone to everything else I have available. The characters are darker, damaged, there's dubious consent and things that are trigger-worthy. But the reception thus far has been amazing. And while I certainly don't expect the trend to continue, this alone is worth the world to me. It has received a 5-Star Review at Rage, Sex, and Teddy Bears, a "You Gotta Read" rating at You Gotta Read Reviews, a 5-Star Review at Scorching Book Reviews, and a 4 Star Review at Maldivian Book Reviewer's Realm. So thank you to the readers and reviewers.

Back to defeating Jedi writing soon!