Going, going, gone

Possession was my second release with Loose Id, published just under two years ago when I was still incredibly wet behind the years. For a number of reasons, I have decided not to renew my contract, which expires in January 2012. There's more I want to do with it, revisions I want to make, scenes I want to add...and I'm toying with turning the hero, Kade, into a werewolf. As for when this newly imagined novella formerly known as Possession will debut, I can't tell you, though I do hope it'll be sometime next year rather than later. Whatever time I don't spend editing during the next couple months will be split between work on Sinners and Saints Book 3 and working on ways to revise, re-imagine, and expand upon Possession.

Until January, Possession remains on sale for those who want to grab it before it's gone.

I had planned on doing this for a while, so it's not entirely out of left field...though it's only been recently I've considered changing Kade from a vampire to something else. A lot has happened in the last two years I did not anticipate, and certain things about me as an author have changed as a result. I want to see what layers I can add, if any. I also want to hear from Kade, as the current narrative doesn't allow for that. I hope existing fans of that story can understand my motives, even if you don't agree.

Hope everyone is having a good month!