Anyone ready for Sin?

Sinfully Scandalous is NOW AVAILABLE at Liquid Silver Books, Amazon, ARe, and (I'm sure) elsewhere. As I've said on Facebook and Twitter and probably anywhere I'm allowed to speak -- I am nervous about this one. Lost Wages of Sin was mostly well-received, though I know from a few comments on Goodreads the theological relationship (particularly between Lucifer and Big J) touched a few buttons. This one goes even farther -- though not because I aim to offend, rather because that's how the characters told me to write it.

Having said that, I am proud of the book and hope some of the fans of the first will be willing to give the second installment a try. There's a lot of snark, a lot more interaction with Lucifer, an introduction to the other Sin siblings, and a visit from Dante and Ava.

In related news, I received and signed a contract for a new erotic paranormal romantic comedy titled A Friend In Need, which is set within the Sinners and Saints universe but not dependent on any ongoing storyline. Really, this is my way to see how I can play with that universe (since I am in love with it as a writer) after I have exhausted the main plot. My NaNo project was just such an experiment, and it worked for everyone who's read it thus far. So sometime in 2012, interested readers will have a chance to evaluate/judge my success or failure in that regard. Here's the tentative blurb:

As far as birthdays go, university librarian Clarice St. Clair hasn’t had a string of successful celebrations, and her twenty-fifth doesn’t look to be any different. It’s not enough that the sexy subject of her schoolgirl crush walked in on her with her pantyhose around her ankles, but now her mother has dropped possibly the largest bomb in the history of large metaphoric bombs.

Happy birthday. You’re about the become a succubus.

Professor Weston Ryans has known Clarice since her days as one of his students. Though now they are nothing more than friendly colleagues, he clearly recalls her enthusiasm, her wit, and the litany of sinful things he wanted to do with her after hours. After catching her with her nylons around her ankles, he decides to smooth things over, but ends up hearing his favorite former student is the bargaining piece in a demon contract. And Weston knows something about demon contracts—he lost his father to one.

Suddenly everything is thrown into question. Clarice is about to change, but she doesn’t believe it. Weston is determined to help, but he doesn’t know how, and the clock is ticking. Yet when the transformation starts, Clarice finds herself hungry for one thing…and Weston is happy to cater to her needs.

In the meantime, to celebrate the release of Sinfully Scandalous, Sinners and Saints #2, I'm at Kacey Hammell's blog, giving away Sinners and Saints #1, Lost Wages of Sin. Contest runs until Friday!