Busy busy busy

Since April, my husband and I have been casually looking for a new place to live. Our apartment is sizable, but the neighbors are crackheads and the landlord is an asshole. Since our lease renewed in August automatically, we went month-to-month and began the search…which came to an end just over a week ago. We found a duplex for just $25 more in rent per month on a quiet street not too far from the apartment. Over the course of last week, we signed a lease, paid the deposit and prorated rent, boxed up all our stuff, and moved. My anxiety levels spiked a bit and I had a rough few days, but considering the place was discovered and the move was initiated in a matter of one week, we did a heck of a good job getting it complete.

This obviously means I’ve accomplished nothing in terms of writing. There are still boxes to unpack, but I finally feel like I can work on fiction rather than worry about the next stage, and the timing couldn’t be better. Know Thine Enemy debuts in less than a month from Noble Romance Publishing. I have edits on Sinfully Scandalous to look forward to, and Original Sin, a Sinners and Saints story featuring Lucifer, is a contender in ARe’s Just One Bite contest (voting to begin October 1). Also, Forbidden Fruit has been a #1 Best Seller at Noble Romance Publishing for two straight weeks now. All this to say, it’s not the best time to be away from the Interwebs, so I’ll try not to take a lengthy sabbatical. I like staying busy.

I like having projects.

On my to-read list is Aline Hunter’s latest release. As her CP, I have read Omega Mine, but it’s been a while. I do remember the story is amazing, so make sure you have it on your to-read list, as well.

That’s all from me for the time being. Easing back into my routine. It hasn’t been all that long, but with as busy as the past two weeks have been, it feels frantic.