Hitting a wall

I can't write when I'm stressed. This is a pattern I've noticed over the past year or so...whenever something comes up, my anxiety disorder kicks in, and even if I refrain from my typical obsessive routine, it's hard for me to focus on my writing projects when I know a larger project looms.

The past month and a half or so, I've been hit with larger projects. Toward the end of August, I received a lengthy manuscript that needed some TLC. The author has the first round of edits, and I'm not sure when to expect her to fire them back. Then the move happened within a week (and even though we're moved and unpacked and settled, I keep having nightmares about it). Now I'm waiting for my editor to send me back edits for one of my upcoming releases, which has my anxiety spiked as well.

This, too, shall pass. I know it will. September was an incredibly busy month and we're barreling toward the holiday season, so it's no wonder everything's a little wonky. I also find I've been completely exhausted the last few days. I have accomplished a little writing, and while I know exactly what I need to have happen, a boulder sits between me and the characters; to get them to do something, I have to move the boulder first. The cursor's no help, either. It just sits there mocking me.

This isn't writer's block. I think it's writer's fatigue. And though not being able to write sucks, I know from experience it won't last. Once I wake up, I'll be back with a vengeance. I just hope it's soon...I have a NanoWriMo project I want to tackle.