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Voting at All Romance E-Books' Just One Bite Contest commences on October 1, 2011. In the meantime, you can read the entries by the 32 Finalists. Including Original Sin, a Sinners and Saints Lucifer-centric short. See how it began for our favorite devil! And don't forget to vote on October 1!

Original Sin
A Sinners and Saints Story
“You smell fantastic,” she purred, thrusting her pelvis against mine. I was naked; clothing had not yet become a necessity. We were on the ground, Lilith in my lap, her fingers searching, seeking, feeling me all over. Then her teeth pierced the skin at my neck, biting down hard enough for me to experience my very first shard of pain. Blood I hadn’t known I owned poured freely from the wound, and she drank it like the elixir of life itself.
Granted, it was that for her. When human blood mingled with whatever the hell I was, it changed the human into something else entirely. The transformation was damn near instantaneous. Gone was the desperate abandon in her eyes and the war-torn state of her flesh. Her hair spun wildly out of her head, ribbons of black waterfalling over her shoulders and down her back. The skin clinging to bone grew soft and fat, plumping her out nicely. My hands cradled her breasts the second I remembered how to work them, and her red, healthy mouth crashed upon mine in a hungry first kiss.

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