It's all about the story

Sinners and Saints Book ISo the past few weeks have been a little crazy. Let's start with this: at the end of March, LOST WAGES OF SIN will no longer be available for purchase. The rights will revert to me, and I haven't yet decided what will become of the book. I did receive an offer from one of my other publishers (after I approached them, so I feel really rotten for having turned it down), but after a lot of soul-searching, I decided this story and the series would be better served elsewhere. Not because this publisher isn't awesome (because wow, it is), or because I don't love my editor (because I really do, and I hope she still loves me), but because the awesomeness of said publisher hasn't really translated into sales for me for the work presently there. Also, the sex-to-story ratio between each book varies, and I'm not sure the series would find an audience...even if I managed to pepper organic sex scenes throughout the less sex-heavy books.

So my "what will happen with the series" question remains unanswered. I plan on doing extensive revisions to LOST WAGES OF SIN, not changing the core story at all, rather rework the narrative so the tone sounds more like the series does now. I do own the rights to the cover, so if I wanted to go the Indie route, that much would be taken care of. I'm just not sure. I want to do what's best for the series, because ultimately, even if it never finds an audience, it's the one thing I've written that I consider completely for me. Not to say I don't have a special place in my heart for everything else I've written and published, because I do, but I think all authors have their favorites. This one is mine, and I want to make sure I make the right decisions for it. I've regretted selling books to certain publishers before. I never want to go through that again, so when my gut tells me to walk the other way, that's what I intend to do.

KnowThineEnemy 500x750In the meantime, KNOW THINE ENEMY is getting a new edit from Noble Romance Publishing, and will be placed in print for my upcoming RT Convention. I sent the first markup to my new editor on Wednesday. Found several nasty boo-boos, as well as some continuity issues that weren't addressed the first time around. Whatever else, Noble is trying with me. I really appreciate that.

That's all from me for now. Hopefully I have new updates soon.