Actually, I am alive

instablecraving_msrJust really busy. This year started with a bang. My nephew born, as the world got to see, and my venture into self-publishing died before it began. I officially emailed the formatter I'd hired for Flip Side of Sin to let her know her services wouldn't be needed for the e-book format, as I've decided to repackage the series altogether. That was a month ago, and I've heard nothing. Not even after I offered to pay for the work she did on the print format.

In the meantime, I have a new cover to reveal! My upcoming release from Ellora's Cave, Insatiable Craving -- a paranormal erotic romance.

So to, I still have no idea what will happen to the Sinners and Saints series. Right now I'm leaning toward a 'wait until all books are written', or redistributing the books as I receive the rights back to the ones already published. I'm not sure. I just know I don't have the time to do what I thought I wanted to do.

Oh, and I will be attending the RT Convention in Kansas City this year. I'll be going as both author and editor, so some of you will discover my secret double-identity. Unless I fool you all by donning a pair of glasses...