And I'm spent

Two weekends ago, I was in Natchez, MS - my favorite of all favorite places, not to mention the setting for Lost Wages of Sin. I had a blast, and loved spending time with my mother. The only thing that could make it better was my first convention, which I attended last weekend. I got to meet J.A. Saare, Madelyn Ford, Angela Sneed, Kimberly Adkins, Bells, and a slew of amazing authors and readers alike. I didn't take many pictures -- why, I don't know. I was just overwhelmed with the awesomeness of being there. I hope to -- nay, I will -- do better next year.

So that was two weekend trips in a row. But three's company, so this last Friday, Nikki London stole me away for a brief mini-break to Las Vegas, where we both fulfilled a dream of seeing one of the last members of the greatest band ever to play music perform live for two and a half glorious hours. That's right, I got to see Paul McCartney.

And the Beatles are the best band ever. No hyperbole involved. This is fact. Do not argue.

Needless to say, the experience surpassed any expectation I had. For a man one year shy of his seventies, he had the energy of an Olympic athlete. That, and you haven't experienced "Live or Let Die" until you've seen it live with an accompanying fire show. I sang myself hoarse and I believe my ears are still ringing, but damn, what a night.

Now, my feet are back on solid ground, and I don't plan on leaving again for a while. I do have some ideas forming -- editing and reading to do, on top of all else -- but the truly amazing thing is I have the next two books in the Sinners and Saints series planned. Yes, I had to push Invi's book back for her brother, but I know I have some readers eager to hear from the male Sins, at least a few people won't mind the schedule shift. This is what my lineup looks like at the moment.

Currently writing

Know Thine Enemy
Sinfully Scandalous (Sinners and Saints #2)

Up next

Blackout (short contemporary erotic)
Flip Side of Sin (Sinners and Saints #3)
Untitled project, urban fantasy

To come

Sins of the Father (Sinners and Saints #4)
Shades of Gray

I have a very busy few months ahead of me. My goal is to have Know Thine Enemy and Sinfully Scandalous done by the end of the summer, and Blackout done this fall. This is all very much attainable, especially since both my active WIPs are nearing the end. I just need to get cracking.

In the meantime, I was greeted with a wonderful homecoming gift: a 4 Star Review for Lost Wages of Sin at RT Reviews. LWoS has also received good press at Nocturne Romance Reads, ParaNormalRomance, Paranormal Haven, and Coffee Time Romance.