What's in a name?

Over the last day or so, I've been toying with the idea of writing under a different name.

For starters, the story-lines wouldn't be necessarily erotic, though there'd be romance ('cause I'm a sucker romance) and sex, most likely, but nothing explicit or too graphic. Just something a little lighter and outside my immediate target audience. I suppose the only reason why a different name would be necessary is so readers won't buy something for the heat, and be disgruntled when they don't get what they expect. Likewise, one of my author buds wrote some killer-smokin' stuff under the same name she wrote her urban fantasy, and was accused of writing pornography by those readers who don't like it hot.

Then again, I've been writing explicit sex scenes so long, it might just come naturally (hahaha, pun).

So I ask you: if an author's planning on toning down the heat for a WIP, would it make it easier for readers to differentiate the stuff from The Stuff by using a different name?

Just to be clear: I wouldn't separate my material in terms of blog or website. Everything I release will be mentioned here, or somewhere you guys can find me.