Hellion - A Demonic Love Story

It’s been a while since I celebrated a release day. I’m a bit rusty. And this is an emotional release. Not as emotional as the next one will be, but emotional nonetheless.

Hellion was initially going to be bundled in a multi-author release. Since 2015 ended up being a clusterfuck, I was relieved when the project was abandoned. While I felt I had found my stride with Sera and Colin, my leads, my father’s illness made any time away from work sparse, and I was often too exhausted to devote any time to writing.

Then one day, after my father’s health had seemingly been on the mend, I opened my outline for Hellion and remembered how excited I’d been for it. So I began writing, and I quickly re-fell in love with the characters.

The road to release was still a long one. I completed Hellion in late September/early October, right around the time my father’s cancer came back swinging. I sent it to my betas, received their comments and insight, started to rework it, but I was devoted then to my father’s health needs. In November, I decided to tackle NaNoWriMo because, hey, everyone needs to torture themselves at some point. By the time November ended, I had just around 20k left to write on Deliverance from Sin, and my dad’s health was worse than ever.

On January 2nd, he died.

Eventually, I started working on Deliverance from Sin again. Once I had momentum, I couldn’t stop working on it. So I worked until it was done.

So then I had two completed novels. One to go to my editor at Totally Bound Publishing, and the other to be self-published.

Now Hellion is out, with thanks to my editor, Bonnie, my amazing betas, Terri Meeker and Kim McCoy, and Anja Cota, who provided a drop-down gorgeous cover.

Deliverance from Sin is also under contract. It’ll be released in November.

That's me in 2014, about an hour after I had my head shaved.

That's me in 2014, about an hour after I had my head shaved.

In other news, I am participating for the second time in Shave to Save, in honor of my father’s memory. Already I’ve been incredibly touched by the donations from Terri Meeker, Cassandra Chandler, and Elizabeth Ashford. The event takes place in October, with the intended fundraising goal set at $4,000. So yes…expect more fundraising posts in the near future.

In the meantime, enjoy an excerpt from Hellion