Celebrate good times, come on!

Flip Side of SinI will admit, friends, it’s been a slow start to the year. I’ve had a long blog post stuck in my head for weeks, but zero time to write it…so instead, you’re left with the blatant advertising that is me celebrating a new release. Hey, I’m an author, and this is a pretty big thing, whether it’s the first book or the tenth.

And the fact that this release is the first brand new installment in the Sinners & Saints series since 2012 is big for me. I had to take some time off from writing over the past year—namely right after I finished this book, because I realized over the course of writing that the world had grown larger than I originally anticipated.  Going back and reworking the first two books was a mammoth task, but I really enjoyed it, and whereas I was satisfied with the books before, now I’m proud of them. That might sound trite, and probably does…but then, a part of me thinks if you’re not legitimately proud of your own work, you might be better off getting out of the writing business. That’s not to say I haven’t written stuff I consider cringe-worthy, or even that said cringe-worthy stuff isn’t available for purchase right now. Sadly, it is, and another part of being a writer is the ever-shifting bar of judgment. I can be proud of something today and hate it tomorrow. But at least I got there at all, right?

If you followed that bit of rambling, congratulations, you have more mental fortitude than I do.

At any rate, I’m already feeling all kinds of positive vibes about this year. I’m working on a new project, planning the next Sinners & Saints book, and have a monster of a contemporary on my to-do list. After so much time spent not writing, it’s good to be back.

Oh, and check who’s on USA Today!