Cover Reveal: Flip Side of Sin (Sinners and Saints #3)

It's actually happening, folks. The next installment in the Sinners and Saints series releases January 30. It has been a long road -- when I first wrote it, I had no idea the world was maturing to the point where I'd need to revisit the first two books. I also had no idea that it'd take so long to get to release. But it's upon us now, and I can't wait. As I mentioned in my last post, 2014 has kind of been a bitch. That said, it has given me back license to write, and I anticipate being even busier next year. I have books I'll be working on re-releasing, plus the next Sinners and Saints book, plus an anthology contribution, plus a couple contemporaries I've been kicking around for a while. In the meantime, though, here's the cover and blurb for Flip Side of Sin.


Flip Side of SinShe’s the only woman he’s ever loved, and the one woman he can’t have.

Since her inaugural venture to Earth, Cassie, Virtue of Chastity, has been lost in a sea of doubt. All of Heaven knows how badly she botched her first job. So when the Almighty gives her a new job—one in Sin City—no one is more surprised than she.

Ira, Sin of Wrath, requires only a drink, a cigarette and a warm girl to keep him happy—which makes his new Vegas assignment a very welcome trip. Ira might be there to work, but that hardly means he won’t find time to play… And when he spies a gorgeous blonde wandering through a casino, he knows she’ll make the perfect playmate. Until, of course, he discovers she’s off limits—not to mention, the enemy.

The strain between Heaven and Hell intensifies by the day, as does Ira’s struggle to keep his hands off Cassie’s chastity. With a job to do, and a Virtue stretching Ira’s ability to control his devil-born lust, maintaining priorities has never been harder. And, Ira discovers, come Heaven or Hell, he’s just waiting for an excuse to show Cassie how good being bad can be.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of kidnap and violence.