So, there went July

Well, it's been a long, crazy month. I'm not sure, honestly, if I would do another blog tour. I had a blast on the one from Bewitching Book Tours, but with all the content that needed to be generated and my determination to provide something fresh with every post, I ran out of steam. Fast. Plus, I'm becoming more and more convinced that the happy medium an author needs to find between BEST SELLER and ANNOYING SPAM ARTIST lends itself to the less is more philosophy.

Truth be told, dear readers, it's been a stressful few weeks. Between work and blog tours and family and writing, I've been existing on a steady diet of caffeine and sleep deprivation. I've also been waiting for a time when I have something profound or particularly witty to share with you, because no one likes a pointless update. And yes, there are any number of topics that have me fired up that I wouldn't mind discussing. Such as the Hobby Lobby case, or the depressing Women Against Feminism trend. Trouble is, I look at these things and I have a reaction I more or less call The Feels and working up the energy to put my thoughts into a coherent stream of consciousness is, well, taxing. And I don't want to half-ass my thoughts when it comes to the things that really matter.

I'm sure I'll work up to it eventually.

In the meantime, there are some upcoming events where yours truly will be making an appearance. Well, okay, one upcoming event until RT 2015, but it's a good event. For authors in or around the Midwest, ORAcon 2014 is a great small-to-midsized convention that asks only a modest fee to enter and offers a lot. Aside from some great authors, Entangled Publishing, Samhain Publishing, L Perkins Agency, and The Seymour Agency will all be represented by editors/agents taking pitches and giving talks. Some great workshops and networking opportunities, plus prizes and free stuff. I've been to conventions big and small, and this one was one of my favorites. And price of admission is outrageously cheap. I'll be there signing books and the like, and doing some other things for my alter-ego. I hope to see some friends there!

I also have some good news on the writing front. Sins of the Flesh, the fourth book in the Sinners and Saints series, is over the 50k mark. I honestly wasn't sure if this would happen this year, but the writing bug bit me, and I'm confident the book will be done sometime in mid-September. Book III of the series, Flip Side of Sin, has been signed at Totally Bound -- this is the first BRAND NEW book in the series I'll have released since 2012. Release date is set for January 16, 2015, with preorder available December 19.

Which, naturally, means we're getting close to the release of Sex, Sin, and Scandal. The coming soon link went live on the publisher website earlier today.


Sex, Sin, and ScandalShe can handle lusting after a target, but loving one might bring all of Hell to its knees.

Thou shalt not commit adultery.

It’s an order that Luxi never saw coming. She is the Sin of Lust, and adultery is her bread and butter.  Yet for the first time, Lucifer sends her on assignment under orders to keep her hands, and other parts, to herself.

Her target? A preacher-turned-politician…who happens to be sex on legs.

Since his wife’s infidelity, Grayson Bailey has avoided opening his heart to anyone. This changes when Luxi, his new intern, walks into his office. The intensity with which his heart and libido react makes for rotten timing. He is not one of those politicians. Yet nothing, not even the increasingly bold death threats in his inbox, can keep his mind—or his hands—off Luxi.

Resisting Grayson is the largest challenge Luxi has faced, and the more Lucifer dodges her questions, the more she wants to break the rules. Luxi knows the devil has an agenda and fears it involves a crazed assassin. With her heart compromised, Luxi is willing to do anything, even take on Hell itself, to save the life of the only man she has ever loved.


So there -- a modest amount of self-marketing with some substance freckled around it. If you take anything from this post, please let it be the Ozarks Romance Authors annual convention is awesome, especially considering the hefty price tag that comes with a lot of other, larger conventions around the country. Let me know if you plan on coming; I'd love to meet!