Some fun stuff ahead...

Well, this is release week. Yay! Lost Wages of Sin officially releases from Totally Bound Publishing in e-book and paperback this Friday. So you know, I have some stuff planned. First of all, I'm kicking things off with a Facebook Party, to which everyone is invited. This is my first Facebook party, aided greatly (I cannot emphasize this enough) by the multi-talented and totally rockin' Lisa Medley (whose book, Reap & Repent, you could check out right the hell now). The party is scheduled for Monday, June 16 from 7pm - 9pm CDT. I'll be posting excerpts, behind-the-scenes glimpses, fun stuff, and giving away a ton. Aside from e-book and print copies of Lost Wages of Sin, the prize room is currently stocked with the following:

Fashion White Gold Plated Heart White Diamond Angel Wings Pendant With 18" Necklace Chain 2 Pieces of Silver Snake Adjustable Finger Ring and Slave Hand Chain Bracelet - One Size Fits All Fallen Dark Angel Wings & Heart Necklace Gothic Red Stone

Floating Head Not Included

There will also be two gift certificates to Totally Bound given away.

This kicks off the month for me. I'm scheduled for a month-long blog tour, amid other blogs and guest spots. Overkill? Maybe, but it's worth it to me. I really want this series to have the best chance possible to reach its audience, and I know that's a rough sell since it is a re-release. But there is a ton of new material (since the original book was only 54k and the new version is 90k, plenty of it) and a new chance for me to do it justice.

I'm picky and likely too much of a perfectionist when it comes to my work, which is a good and bad thing. If I see or think of something I could have handled better, even after publication, I am prone to take it the first chance I get. Lost Wages of Sin was that for me. The response it received the first time around was definitely good, and I've had people ask me about the next installments in the series for a while. But the series was also something different for me: a series. I'd never written one before, never intended to, and I didn't take as much time as I should have to discover the world the first time around. I am and will always be grateful to those who picked it up, read, and (especially) enjoyed it in its original form. I hope those readers stay with me, but I totally understand if they don't. I write for the love the series, and for the love of writing, and this time I feel good about the job done. I also feel like I need to face the book launch with a bang, not a whimper, especially since it is a re-release.

So join me for the party. I hope to see you there. No page liking or post sharing will be necessary to win one of the evening's prizes (though if you end up Liking me just because, I'll be okay with that *halo*). If you want to win, just attend and interact. There will be even more giveaways in my blog tour. If you're interested in following me, this is where I'll be:

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Oh boy. Look at all those interviews and guest blogs. You all are going to know way too much about me by the time we get to August. Thanks to the wonderful Roxanne from Bewitching Book Tours. Bewitching Book Tours I do want my guest posts to be of interest to readers, so I'm asking readers what they most like authors to discuss. I can talk about myself until I'm blue in the face, but not everyone is going to find me personally all that interesting. I also assume the perception of what some authors think readers want to see and what readers actually want to see doesn't always run parallel. So please, feel free to leave a note or email me if you'd like a topic addressed. I sincerely want to know what you like to hear, so this tour is valuable to you (and others) beyond just marketing for me. I'll link and mention you by name in the guest post as well (optional, of course -- if you'd prefer to remain anonymous, I understand!)