Getting close to release day!

Lost Wages of Sin debuts in just a few short weeks. Aching for a preview? Head over to author Lisa Medley's blog, where I discuss the book, the characters, the madness that is my process, and hint at what comes net. And do check out her amazing Reap and Repent, while you're at it.

Don’t believe everything you read.

In the beginning, there was a garden, two deities, and a woman. Now, there is a world, a woman scorned, and an age-old dispute between two friends that desperately needs to be settled, preferably before the apocalypse.

The Seven Deadly Sins are Lucifer’s creation, and he considers them his children. Yet when one of his Sins decides to resign her post, she triggers a series of events that catch the attention of the last person in three worlds the devil wants to see—his vindictive, and frustratingly powerful, ex-wife.

Big J and Lucifer were once close, but a disagreement over the management of Hell, as well as the devil’s very bad marriage, created a rift that seemed impossible to reconcile. Yet with Lilith back in the picture, the two deities—aided by Sins, Virtues, demons and angels—are forced to reconsider their relationship. For them, for Heaven and Hell, and the fate of the universe.