Where did Forbidden Fruit go, you ask?

I've received a few messages over the past few days regarding the availability of my short story, Forbidden Fruit. This was originally published by the now defunct Noble Romance Publishing in 2011. The story was removed from vendors when the publisher closed its doors, and the rights reverted to me. Since then, it's disappeared.

Well, not really. The truth is, I have not yet made it available for purchase, because I want to give it more substance than it currently has. It was a quick, dirty read, and while that's well and good, I do like balancing sex with emotion. I don't plan on making it too much longer, but giving it some depth will make me happier with it as its creator.

I think this is the curse of many authors. When you view writing as an art form, you're never completely satisfied with the outcome. I won't deny Forbidden Fruit eventually became my best seller, so I'd likely see no financial downside to putting it out as-is. But I wasn't happy with it, and since I take writing seriously, I don't want to put things out there just to make money. I want to put things out there I'm proud to have my name on.

I do intend to re-release Forbidden Fruit sometime this year, hopefully before the end of summer. There's not much I want to do with it, but it will need another round of edits before I put it out again. I do have the new cover, which I will reveal closer to publication date.

In other news, I have signed my contract with Kensington for the re-release of Moving Target. This should be made available for purchase soon.