NaNo 2013, and onward

Yes, I am NaNoing.

It took a bit to determine what project I wanted to focus on. Between the next Insatiable book, which I now intend to start in early 2014, revisions on Sinners and Saints Book 2, or the expansion of Firsts and Forbidden Fruit, I had what I felt I should do (Insatiable) and what I wanted to do (everything else). What I wanted to do won out.

Right now, I'm about 20k deep into the Firsts expansion. The story isn't changing at the core, but I decided Thorn and Savannah's relationship deserved more. You'll see more of their interplay before their lives change, and a bit more after. I'm scheduled to send it to my editor around the end of December, so hopefully near February 2014, I'll have a release date in mind.

Forbidden Fruit is also getting an extension, though not nearly as lengthy, since it's such a simple story. I have gorgeous new cover art for each project, and will release those as I come closer to wrapping up the revisions.

In other news, Lost Wages of Sin is in the loving hands of Tish Beaty at the L. Perkins Agency, and she keeps teasing me with hints of an offer. The novel is also being considered, after full requests, at two other houses. Hopefully I'll have an update soon.

All right. Back to NaNo!