On writing, publishing, editing, releases, and events (past and future)

instablecraving_msrComing out of hibernation to announce INSATIABLE CRAVING will release this Wednesday from Ellora’s Cave. I’ve written nearly 10k on the next book in this series, but am trying to step back so I can refocus my efforts on the LOST WAGES OF SIN rewrite. As of 5/31/2013, the rights to SINFULLY SCANDALOUS reverted back to me. I’m still not sure what’s going to happen with the series, but I am working on it when I can. Some character relationship dynamics have matured over the progression of the latter books. Ava and Dante's relationship has changed a bit, too, in ways I really like but hadn't anticipated.

Finding time to write has admittedly come harder rather than easier. Editing consumes most of my spare time, and reading slush is a close second. My husband and I are also shopping for houses, which eats up any time I might have had left over. I do have several ideas floating around, and not limited to paranormal romance. A UF I began earlier this year resurfaced to tickle my muse, and I’d really like to make headway.

I had a fantabulous time at RT, with pics of the signing posted below. I’m also attending the Ozark Romance Authors Annual Convention, both in editor and author form, this fall. Those of you who can come are encouraged to attend.

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