Hi ho, hi ho, it's to RT I go

New Cover Art!I still have to pack tonight—because I am a procrastinator extraordinaire—but I’ll be off to Kansas City in the wee hours of morning with my BFF and partner-in-crime, Nikki London. This will be her inaugural convention and my, well, second. I’m slowly working myself to attending more conventions, more than—say—one every two years. Know Thine Enemy I will have with me print copies of Ripples Through Time and Know Thine Enemy (both of which are also available in print through Amazon!). And though I plan on spending a lot of time with the publisher I work for (in a non-author capacity), I do hope to meet new authors and connect.

I’m also going to have the last conversation I need to have before I officially make up my mind about something, but for right now (with the exception of Insatiable Craving, coming soon from Ellora’s Cave), I’m leaning on taking a sabbatical from the publishing world and focus primarily on getting words—as many words—on a page as possible now through the next twelve to eighteen months. Which would mean Lost Wages of Sin remains removed, Sinfully Scandalous to follow, and the third book under wraps. instablecraving_msr

My mind is mostly made up, but I’d like to discuss this with Nikki before I say anything’s final. The truth is, I don’t write well when I think about publishing or the stage after writing. I put a lot of pressure on myself, which leads me to avoid writing altogether, and I hate that. Writing is my lifeline. And while the pressure is entirely self-inflicted, telling myself to shake it off simply hasn’t worked. I truly believe if I decide to take a break from the business side of writing, I’ll be able to get more done.

Like I said, nothing final…but I imagine that’s where I’m headed. Right now, when I try to write, everything comes out stilted and wrong. I want to love the story more than anyone, not push it out the door to meet some self-enforced quota.

Anyway, for all attending RT, I hope to see you there.

(Also, some love for Elaina Lee? She made me a gorgeous new website banner)