Finding my way back to normal

Well, after an eventful Christmas, I'm winding down and looking toward 2013 in terms of writing goals and the like. 2012, with its weddings and surprise pregnancies (not me, thankfully!), as well as a career change didn't allow for as much writing as I would've liked. I did finish Flip Side of Sin, which was among my goals, and I completed the rewrite of Possession. I've also gone through my NaNo project and submitted it to my crit partners for their analysis. As a follow-up to my post about my grandfather's Christmas present, I thought I'd share a couple of the photos my mother snapped of him and his reaction. He was very surprised to say the least, but delighted. Thanks again so much to the amazing Elaina Lee, without whom this wouldn't have been accomplished.

Fafa's reactionfafabook

Not, however, as surprised as I was to receive his and my grandmother's Christmas present to me and my husband, but that's a different matter. Still, we had a great holiday, full of surprises and thoughtfulness and a new addition to the family. I got to love on my nephew a lot this weekend, and bestow upon him more gifts than an infant -- or his parents -- know what to do with.


The print version of Flip Side of Sin is ready; I am still waiting on the e-book files to establish a firm release date. Beyond that, onward to 2013, new goals, new deadlines, and a glimpse back into normal.