Cover Reveal - Flip Side of Sin

Howdy gang! Come bearing my newest pretty, thanks to the amazing Amanda Kelsey.

I don't have any specific details about release, except it's seriously close now. The book is with the formatter and once she sends me back the files, I'll start prepping for release.

Here's the blurb, and I have the prologue and first two chapters up as a free sneak peek!

Since her first and only venture to Earth, Cassie, Virtue of Chastity, has been searching for a sense of her lost self. The Almighty sending her back into the mortal realm just feeds her with more poisonous doubt. Cassie’s life gets more confusing when she finds herself face to face with a beautiful man who spells danger—a beautiful man who immediately takes her into his custody.

Ira, Sin of Wrath, requires only a drink, a cigarette, a warm girl to keep him happy. Love is not a priority, and he doesn’t expect or want that to change anytime soon—a point he decides to demonstrate when Lucifer sends him to Las Vegas on assignment. Ira might be there to work, but that hardly means he won’t find time to play…and when he spies a gorgeous blonde wandering through a casino, he knows she’ll make the perfect playmate. Discovering she’s a Virtue gives him reason to stay close, even her identity makes her off limits. Before long, those things he never wanted suddenly become what he needs.

The strain between Heaven and Hell grows fiercer by the day, as does Ira’s struggle to keep his hands off Cassie’s chastity. With a job to do, and a Virtue stretching Ira’s ability to control his devil-born lust cuffed to his wrist, maintaining priorities has never been harder. And, Ira discovers, come Heaven or Hell, he’s just waiting for an excuse to show Cassie how good being bad can be.


Chapter 1

Chapter 2