J.A. Saare's The Ripple Effect is now available!

Remember the book I worshiped reviewed last Friday? It's now available at Mundania Press, and will soon be up at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and ARe. Seriously, folks, this is the best book in the series...but if you haven't read the others, this is the perfect chance to get up to speed.

Rhiannon's Law Book I - Dead, Undead, or Somewhere In Between

Rhiannon's Law Book II - The Renfield Syndrome

Rhiannon's Law Book III - The Ripple Effect ***NOW AVAILABLE***

I'm a little behind on other things this week. My brother got hitched over the weekend to his soul-mate, and since his soul-mate decided I should be a bridesmaid, I got very little sleep. There has also been some major changes with one of my pubs that has demanded a lot of my attention. From now until December, though, barring unforeseen circumstances, I should be more or less on track. Then comes the holidays and the birth of my niece or nephew.

In other cool news, Ellora's Cave has accepted Insatiable Need, the rewritten, re-imagined Possession. I am likely going to stop referring to it as the rewrite soon, because honestly, the new story took on a life of its own and became something I'm really proud of. And hopefully there will be more in that universe, as I left it rather open for a continuation. I sent my contract off yesterday, so check back soon for updates.

In the meantime, though, go check out J.A. Saare if you haven't already. I'm serious.