Coming soon from Ellora's Cave: Elevated Exposure

I am beyond ecstatic to report I have a new erotic contemporary romance contracted with Ellora's Cave. Details -- like release dates, cover, excerpts, and the like -- are all forthcoming. The most I can say is I definitely have an erotic contemporary romance entitled Elevated Exposure coming out with Ellora's Cave.

Here be the tentative blurb.

Ever since Kenzie Drake walked into his office, Lennon Bishop’s world has been upside down. And while company policy prevents him from pursuing her, a harmless crush couldn’t hurt.

Then it arrived. A tape marked FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. While he had no idea what was on the tape before popping it in the VCR, a naked Kenzie, touching herself, was the last thing he expected. And though Lennon tries hard to forget it, his harmless crush quickly matures into an overwhelming obsession.

Kenzie Drake has no idea why her boss fired her, or why he couldn't do it to her face. All she knows is she's been kicked to the curb with no job and a brother to support. When the plaintiff in Lennon's most prestigious case offers her a lot of money for a quick B&E, she doesn't have to think hard before saying yes. Only when she breaks into Lennon’s apartment, she finds more than she bargained for.

Lennon couldn’t have predicted coming home to a burglarized apartment. Kenzie couldn’t have predicted Lennon catching her in the elevator. And neither could predict the building losing power just after the elevator doors slide shut.