Cheesy Thanksgiving Post -- List of things for which I am thankful

In the spirit of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I decided to post a list of things I am thankful for -- because apparently, I am this corny. Sorry. The holiday season has a tendency to make me a little sentimental.

Note: these are in no particular order. Just as they come to me.

1) My readers. You make this job fun. Thank you.
2) My crit partners. Not only for their support in writing, but in life in general. I know I can call JA Saare if I need to vent or send something goofy to Sarah Ballance or talk about edits with Kacey Hammell or grumble with Madelyn Ford about anything in particular. They're more than crit partners; they're friends. Thank you.
3) My wonderful Aaron, who provides nothing but love, support, encouragement, and praise.
4) Nikki London for being my BFF of 10+ years, my sister, my employer, and my #1 fan. There is so much I couldn't have accomplished without you.
5) Skyla Dawn Cameron, and she knows why.
6) Positive reviews, for making my bad days better and my good days amazing.
7) Negative reviews, for keeping me grounded.
8) The good health of all my loved ones.
9) My editors.
10) The people I have met and continue to meet who make me endlessly grateful to be a part of this community.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who observe it.