I am not dead yet; I can dance and I can sing. I am not dead yet; I can do the Highland Fling

Well, my doctor was very patient and understanding (especially when I told him I was spiking), but suffice to say, I am not dying. He did say I have reactive hypoglycemia, which essentially means on occasion if I haven't had enough fiber, I'll start getting shaky after eating. Nothing to write home about.

Aaron suggested I start making a list.

Times I thought I was dying: 15 (conservative number, truthfully. I didn't keep count when I was little)
Times I died: 0

Might be a good idea. Take that, Louise.

In other news, I have closed three of the four giveaways, and the winners have been notified. If you're still interested in winning Lost Wages of Sin, you have a chance! The giveaway at Scorching Book Reviews is still open.

I'm in the process of editing a manuscript (and it's one I really like, which is excellent), and I wrote a few hundred words on Know Thine Enemy yesterday. One of my CPs has read the bulk of what I have on Sinfully Scandalous (Sinners and Saints #2) and has said she thinks it's better than Wages, which makes me nervous and happy and then nervous. Yikes.

Also - I am taking 10 print copies of Lost Wages of Sin with me to the Lori Foster retreat here in a couple weeks. I'll be selling them for $8, which is a little less (now that I've done the math) than I had to pay to get them printed. Anyone who plans on going and would like a copy can email me or leave a comment here, and I'll be sure to put one aside.

Think that's it for the moment. Oh, except Lost Wages of Sin is finally available on Kindle! Did I already mention that? Oh, bother, I'm doing it again.