Lost Wages of Sin - New interviews, reviews, and giveaways

I am going on three different trips over three consecutive weekends. My mother and I are heading out to either Natchez (setting of LWoS) or Eureka Springs Memorial Day weekend. Our destination depends on the road conditions -- the recent Ark-like rainfall has made any concrete plans a little hard to piece together.

The weekend after our mother-daughter holiday is Lori Foster's Readers and Authors Get Together, which I am attending alongside two of the awesomest people who ever awesomed, J.A. Saare and Madelyn Ford. This is my first convention, so I'm both extremely nervous and excited.

Weekend after that, Nikki London is taking me to Vegas to see Paul McCartney in concert.

So yeah. Busy month ahead.

This week is full of promotions. I'm doing four book giveaways, and have likewise been interviewed at each site. This will be the last giveaways for LWoS for the foreseeable future, though I might do some Amazon giftcard giveaways once everything settles down from the trips. Also, if there's interest, I'll post snippets of the first chapter of Sinfully Scandalous, Book 2 in the Sinners and Saints series -- the full chapter being available in the print version of Lost Wages of Sin.

If you'd like to be entered into the first drawing for Lost Wages of Sin, check out my interview at Ju Dimello's blog, and comment with your email address for a chance to win!

I've also received some excellent reviews for Lost Wages of Sin over the past few weeks, each of which has me bouncing off whatever surface is readily available.

"Rosalie Stanton definitely delivered in this book with engaging and funny characters plus a storyline that zipped along, making me wonder where the time had gone when I was finished. This book for me, was a fresh new take on a paranormal world and some quick and neat world-building that left space for plenty more tales.
- Sayuri of Parajunkee's View (4/5)

"I just loved this book. It was witty, raunchy, intelligent and quick. The two main characters, Ava and Dante have a centuries long friendship that evolves into some of the best sex scenes ever. If not for the chemistry created by Ms. Stanton between Ava and Dante, I don't think the words would have resonated quite so much.
- Wendy of The Romance Studio (5/5)

"Lost Wages of Sin hits all the marks: it’s about love at its core, a hero you’ll be thinking about for quite some time, great mythology and just enough sexy action to get your attention
- Chelsea of Vampire's Book Club (4.5/5)

"What grabbed me most about this novel is of course Dante whose utter devotion and love for Ava shines through each and every single one of his actions. Though when compared to Ava in strength and physical abilities Dante falls short, nevertheless he never hesitates to put himself on the line for the love of his life and each and every single time he confesses his love for Ava to hear nothing of that nature in return just made me bleed for him a little. Let me not forget the banter between Dante and Ava that serves to be as much of a turn on as the actual scenes of intense hotness that Rosalie has down to a pat, the scene in the alley being my favorite!"
- Maldivianbookreviewer of Maldivian Book Reviewer's Realm (4/5)

"Lost Wages of Sin is a light and funny paranormal romance with memorable characters and hot, steamy sex (tongue loving FTW!). I am definitely looking forward to reading more from this author."
- Marq at Loves to Read For Fun (4/5)

"I loved Lost Wages of Sin. It's a fast paced story that will pull you in immediately. Dante is DEFINITELY worthy of his new hashtag. So please, pick up this book. Read it! Share it! Tweet it! Go forth and share the #DanteTongueLove. I promise you won't regret it."
- Dren at Dren's B-Spot (5/5)

I'll post more reviews as they come, but these have me indefinitely situated on Cloud Nine. Thanks again to all who have taken the time to read and review the book! And remember, you have four chances to win a copy of Lost Wages of Sin this week, starting with my interview at Ju Dimello's blog! Go, comment, win!