Lost Wages of Sin - Excerpt

I've now sent back the second round of revisions for Lost Wages of Sin and approved the cover, which will be made public shortly. In celebration, I thought I might post another short excerpt.

I'm going to have some bookmarks made shortly. If anyone's interested, drop me a line at rosalie.stanton@gmail.com and I'll send one to you - absolutely free! I'll start with an order of 50, so it will be a first-come-first-serve thing. :)

Lost Wages of Sin - Excerpt

In a blink she was in front of him, her body between his and the demon she called Mammon. “Shut up,” she snapped.

Then she captured his cheeks between her hands and brought his mouth crashing down upon her own. And all thought of the collection box or the demon in the black robes vanished. Dante moaned, his demon receding, all fight abandoning him as his body seized what it wanted above all else. Ava was against him. Ava’s lips molded to his. Ava. Everything around him ceased to exist. The ground vanished, the house faded, and Mammon merged into nothing. Reality blinked away, and there was nothing but the pure, unadulterated truth of Ava. The way her lips spoke against him, brushing his with softness Dante had never before touched. Not with anyone. Not this--this tenderness, this gentleness. Her mouth moved with girlish curiosity, consuming him with her richness. Her taste. Her good.

The kiss hadn't been planned--she was far too tense to have acted on anything but impulse. For what cause, he knew not, but he was there to catch her when her body relaxed. When her lips parted with a pleasured sigh, his eager tongue dove into her wet, wonderful mouth. Exploring, searching, drawing in as much of her taste as possible. Committing her to memory; there was little chance he'd get to savor her again. But she was here--against him, kissing him with enthusiasm. Holding his chin to anchor him into her mouth with small, hungry murmurs scratching her throat. There was no way to tell if she was aware of herself for the way she leaned into him, her hips swaying against his, rubbing herself against the iron hardness at his crotch, but he was too far gone to care. All that mattered was that she did.

“Fuck,” he panted. “Ava…”

A pause. He worried his voice had broken the spell around him, but only for an instant. She was kissing him again before he could miss her warmth, blinking away coherent thought. All he knew was her heat. Her liquid fire. The scent of her arousal attacked him without warning, teasing his tastebuds, flooding his nostrils and confirming what he already knew. He was lost. Dante was completely lost in Ava. For whatever reason, he was hers.

“Ava…” Her name rolled between them on a groan as he sucked at her lower lip. “Want … fuck … want you so much…” Then she was gone, and the loss was crushing. Dante's eyes flew open.

“You with me?” she demanded, breathless and flustered. That much was satisfying. Good to know her feathers weren't beyond ruffling.

Not that he paid much attention to anything but her moist pink lips, swollen by his ardor. That couldn't be it. She couldn't deny him her kisses. She couldn't give him so much without giving him anything at all--no, he'd taste her again. He needed to taste her again. However, he wasn't able to put as much into words. All that came out was a definitively ineloquent, “Huh?”

Ava nodded shakily. “Okay, you're with me.”