Writing Is (a) Pain. (Not really, but it can be)

I can't have it both ways. And quite frankly, I prefer it when my muse wants me to work for it.

Those who frequent my blog are likely aware that a few months ago, I suffered through a bout of writer's block. It was difficult, but I have recovered. And this is what's happened: rather than no ideas and no energy, I have three lengthy WIPs I'd like to work on and WAY too much energy. Know Thine Enemy is the same story I've been planning/outlining since last year, but I took a break to write Lost Wages of Sin, which is complete and with one pub for consideration. I didn't know when I began writing it that LWoS would turn into a series, or that I'd want to start working on that series immediately after completion of the first installment. I also wasn't planning on getting struck with yet another lengthy WIP out of the clear blue sky.

I know there are some writers out there who can work on multiple projects with no trouble at all. In a chat the other day, someone revealed they had almost 30 WIPs with at least 10k written on each. And I think I have problems.

I can't do that. I've never been apt at juggling WIPs. Yet with three stories I want to write, all at once, I have decided to challenge myself.

My previous attempts to juggle WIPs revolved around writing a chapter per story at a time before turning to my next project. I'm scrapping that. With the wonky unreliability of my schedule, writing a single chapter of something might take me as long as a week. Therefore, I am instead implementing a "by word-count" course of action. Yesterday, I managed to get over two thousand words written, one thousand each on two of my WIPs. That's my new goal. Two thousand words a day. Whether it's 2k on one story or divided up some other way is up to my muse. But in order to work on each story, I need to focus on the word count rather than the chapters. I might leave it in mid-chapter, and that's fine. My aunt, young adult and nonfiction author, says it's a good idea to quit in mid-scene, that way you have a place to start without staring at the screen. This doesn't always work, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

So here are my active WIPs, marked by current word-count and goal:

Know Thine Enemy
Erotic Paranormal Romance

Sinfully Scandalous
Erotic Paranormal Romance

Quintessence of Dust
Erotic Paranormal Romance

And here is my "will finish it one day" WIP, marked by current word-count and goal:

Erotic Contemporary Romance

Yes, the one with the lowest WC goal is the one currently on the back-burner. I can't help what I want to work on, and right now, while I love the idea behind Blackout, that ain't it.

My mind is a dangerous place.

Wish me luck, everyone!