Status report

Well, I had a very good weekend, but it wasn't particularly restful. My best friend of 10 years and I ventured to Washington DC for Jon Stewart's March To Restore Sanity. The actual rally was too packed to watch, but I got to hear Ozzy play a bit of "Crazy Train" and listen to good parts of Stewart and Colbert's talks and banter. Whatever I missed will be covered by TiVo.

In the meantime, my friend and crit-partner, Jaime Saare, finished reading "Lost Wages of Sin," and I've both completed and edited my synopsis. I plan now to reread at least the first five chapters, but otherwise start preparing for submission. I've also begun plotting the next book in this series. I just can't help myself.

Today is my blogger day at Romancing the Muses. My topic: Stealing The Show: Writing People v. Writing Characters. Hope to see you there!