Small victories

Well, I'm over the 50k mark. I have still a chapter and an epilogue to write. At the very least, I made my word-count goal. I'm hoping I'll have that complete by tonight, but tomorrow is a tad more realistic.

I haven't given any thought to blurbs or synopses in months. Granted, I'm not going to send it anywhere until my crit partners have looked at it. I'm also going to let my husband read it, which is a huge step for me. While he knows the nature of my writing, I've never been brave enough to let him read it. He keeps asking about it, though, because he knows how excited I get toward the end of a project and he seems interested about the premise.

Anyway, right now I'm aiming for Samhain, though I think I'll submit to Liquid Silver and Ellora's Cave (this just for has plenty of descriptive sex, but not enough to get in-house, I think).

More later.