Centuries ago, Ravenna Mal was One of the Few, one among many sworn to protect the world from the night’s creatures. Her upbringing was unforgiving; as a warrior, she could form no close relationships, and she could especially never fall in love.

A vampire called Nicolai challenged everything she knew, introducing her to worldly sins, worshiping her flesh with his hands and mouth, and worming into her heart before she realized how painful love could be…especially when ripped away.

In the present, Raven Rayne has a problem. A new vampire called Nicholas in town; one who speaks to her without saying a word, one who stirs long-dormant feelings she can’t dismiss as dreams.

A chance spell reunites Raven with the past she never knew, and memories of Nicholas she couldn’t have dreamed. And though he doesn’t remember her, she knows she must do everything she can to remind him.


4 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "Rosalie Stanton is a new and promising author. If you love an angsty vampire romance where love conquers all, then this is the book for you! Ripples Through Time was an emotional rollercoaster ride of love surviving death. The writing was poetic and expressive and allowed us into both the hero and heroine’s point of view. I look forward to more work by this passionate, new author." -- Stacey, Dark Diva Reviews

4 TEACUPS: "Romeo and Juliet have nothing on Ripples Through Time's Nicholas and Raven. I really, really, really loved Ripples Through Time. I went through so many different emotions reading this story, I laughed when Raven was sassy to her guardian and when it looked like Raven's desire to stay with Nicholas forever wouldn't come true, I was anxious, hoping that their love would be enough to keep them together. Miss Stanton is a really talented author and I look forward to reading her next masterpiece." -- Ashira, Happily Ever After Reviews