Review: Goldie and the Three Behrs by Harris Channing

Some men are too hard. Some men are too soft. But only one man is just right…

Choosing the perfect bed is easy, but sometimes finding the right person to share it with is an adventure!

The Marquess of Blackwood lays eyes on Goldie Locksley, and immediately falls for her. Unfortunately, his youngest brother, Joseph, decides to make her his bride. But when their father tells him no, all hell breaks loose and all three brothers will do their utmost to see that they are a part of her future. But her happily ever after lies in the arms of one man. Will he be able to prove himself in time, or is Goldie destined to a life of misery or mediocrity?

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Rosalie's rating: 4/5

This one surprised me.

I don't make a habit out of reading menage or multiple partner books unless I'm in the right mood. For a story to appeal to me, the characters must have a connection above the physical, and in the menage/multiple partners stories I've read to date, the emotional connection either isn't there, or is completely forced for the sake of excusing the prolific sex scenes.

Goldie and the Three Behrs is a prime example of "Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover." You have Goldie, who is a sweet, perhaps headstrong young woman who is auctioned off by her family to marry someone she doesn't know, only to find herself on the edge of a scandal when she discovers the marriage was a deception to trick Goldie into bed. Then you have the elder brother, William, besotted by Goldie but promised by family duty to someone else. Ms. Channing did an exceptionally good job developing the emotional bond between Goldie and William, as well as a good, solid plot to keep the action moving and the reader guessing.

I expected a lot of sex with little substance. What I got was a very hot, fast read with likable characters and a lot of heart.