Thank you!

Thank you for all the votes! Possession won the Clash of the Covers! Although, this is really the victory for April Martinez, my wonderful cover artist.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella
Publisher: Loose Id
Editor: G.G. Royale
Cover Art: April Martinez

Arianna is a demon hunter who isolates herself from society. Over the past few months she has become increasingly dependent on her uncertain alliance with Kade, a vampire informant who literally stepped out of the shadows and into her life.

On the night of a rumored attack from a group of demons, called Eros, who feed off passion for sustenance, Arianna meets with Kade to plan a counterattack before the demons can strike. However, upon retreating to Kade’s apartment for supplies, both Arianna and Kade are overwhelmed with a sudden rush of passion. Their bodies refuse to obey their minds, and before they can stop themselves, they are engaged in endless rounds of lovemaking. Lost to pleasure even as their minds fight sensation and each other, Kade surrenders to his love for Arianna, and tries to convince her he is what she’s needed all along.

Sometimes, possession is mutual.


But please, don't judge a book by it's cover! Judge it by reading! :)