"These characters could quite easily become an obsession and Rosalie Stanton deserves major kudos for such a powerful book. You know I hear at least once a day that the whole vampire theme is played out and passe, and to this I say a resounding BULLSHIT! Great stories from talented writers never grow old or passe and [CAPTIVE] more than meets that criteria." - Blue Shedevil at Rage, Sex, and Teddybears

"It was masterfully crafted, and though it had a very Urban Fantasy feel to it, the romance, humor, (and I can’t stress this aspect enough) sexual dynamite kept it from being too overwhelming. It was perfectly balanced." - Wendy Mitchell at You Gotta Read Reviews

"I’ve only read one other of Rosalie Stanton’s books before (which I loved) but this one has cemented her place on my very limited pre-order list. This book was original, dark, sexy and really quite twisted." - Nix at Scorching Book Reviews

"[CAPTIVE] is a great read, recommended for fans of Rosalie Stanton and fans of vampire romances." - Maldivian Book Reviewer's Realm

"Rosalie Stanton manages to craft an intense relationship borne of a mix of lust, shared survival and a bit of fate for her hero and heroine. The journey is intense and complex, but also damn hot.I can appreciate love coming from a dark place, and that’s what we have here. The journey isn’t simple. Points of the plot horrify the characters as well as the reader, but it’s done with purpose. [CAPTIVE] is dark, incredibly sexy and boasts a mile of twists." - Chelsea at Vampire Book Club