"The concept was new, fun and don’t even get me started on the dialogue… HILARIOUS! The exchanges between characters are humorous, sarcastic and at times raunchy. I loved it. The tone of the novel as a whole, was a bit irreverent and that made a refreshing change from typical romances." - Reads and Reels

"I have read several books by author Rosalie Stanton and if you are not reading her creations then you are seriously missing out. Quirky characters that find themselves in interesting predicaments, with just the right amount of heat and you will find yourself wanting to read more of her books. Get Hellion. Read it and you will see what I mean when I say Ms. Stanton is an absolute must read author." -  Jeep Diva Reviews

"This is an adorable book that hits all my particular loves. Charming but flawed male lead? Check. Strong and relatable female lead? Check. Perplexing situation that seems initially hopeless? Check. Impossible to predict plotline? Double-check." - Author Terri Meeker