"A bit more than erotica, this one has a bit of a story and a nice resolution." - Seriously Reviewed

"Whether it be a short or a full length novel, Rosalie always manages to hold my undivided attention with her books and this one is no exception to the rule." - Maldivian Book Reviewer's Realm

"This [...] quickie is guaranteed to get your hormones raging and your blood pumping - just don't read it in public because you might embarrass yourself." - The Romance Reviews

"This story is smokin'! A tryst between step-siblings, it takes readers right to the edge of the forbidden and leaves 'em there, panting." - Author Sarah Ballance

"This one is a SCORCHER. I mean HOT folks." - Author JA Saare

"I'll say it again, they are NOT genetically related. So, relax and grab whatever you can to help you read through this enticing, wickedly sinful tale! I swear the devil has a special place reserved for me in hell right now. I can practically smell the sulfur but this story is worth dancing on brimstone!" - Erona Diane Hill at Night Owl Reviews