"Rosalie Stanton writes a captivating novel successfully honing in on the feelings that one has with their first time. Wesley and Savannah are a coming of age couple who are trying to find their path to each other, reading the interaction between the two reminded me of my younger years and the vulnerabilities you have in your youth." - Sensual Reads

"For a sweet and sexy romance about first times and first love, give Firsts by Rosalie Stanton a read!" - LynnMarie at HEA Reviews

"Recommended for: Fans of the contemporary erotic romances that revolve around the theme where friends  turn to lovers. This is one yummy read!" - Maldivian Book Reviewer's Realm

"I found this to be a surprisingly sweet story, which I find is unusual in erotic romances." - Caryln at Book Monster Reviews

"What follows is a rather stunning story that turned all my expectations completely on their head. An emotionally rich story that also contains laughter, tears and, overall, a story that enchants." - Kathy K at E-Book Addict

"I liked that this book wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Savannah and Thorn fight throughout the book and it made me feel like they were true best friends and a true couple that was coming into being. They had problems over feelings that they had to overcome and fought about it. They had exes that posed a problem and they fought about it. But all those feelings worked themselves out when they were alone together." - MC at the BookWhisperer

"I chuckled, gasped, squirmed and, when I finally finished the story, sat there thinking about it for a good hour afterward. Good stories leave an impression after, but great ones linger. This one is still lingering." - Fern at LASR

"I enjoy an instant attraction story, but this was special because of all they’d shared through their lives and their excitement of what was to come. Highly recommended." - Chris at Night Owl Reviews