"Blackout was a sensual, sweet and passionate contemporary romance & I would recommend it to any romance reader. This is a fabulous story to pick up when you are in need of something quick, sexy and well written and does not want to compromise on quality. Blackout is the perfect little bite size read to satiate your reading needs." - Nina's Literary Escape

"A sweet but steamy romance." - Romance Book Reviews & Treats

"Lennon was also a wonderful character to read about. He always seemed to speak his mind, especially when it came to Kenzie, and what he wanted from her. He is a charming man, with the a sensitive side, but also still someone who is ready to take what he wants, especially when it comes to Kenzie." - Heather Powell at Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

"I much prefer my erotica to come with a plot, and [Blackout] delivers in a big way. The writing is skilled, lending beautiful voice to an encounter that will have you hoping for an elevator malfunction in your future." - Author Sarah Ballance

"Kenzie is a strong woman with a sexy side and Lennon is delicious as the boss of any girl's dreams! This is definitely a titillating tale!" - Author Nikki London

"I knew I'd found an instant-buy author. Her characters are well-rounded, her plots are intricate, the pacing of her stories is fantastic, and her sex scenes are sizzling hot. What's not to love? [Blackout] delivers all goods." - Author JA Saare

"The passion between Kenzie and Lennon comes through in a way that makes this a hard one to put down. Once you start, you just can’t stop." - DiDi at Guilty Pleasure Book Reviews